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Shooshoos smileys shoos shoes jean kelly toddler baby leather flexi elasticated robylooThe buzz words in the footwear industry at the moment are “barefoot science” and “barefoot running.” There is an increasing amount of research being done on shoes that allow the foot to mimic walking or running barefoot. This is the most important feature to look for when deciding on the best shoes for your child. The shoes chosen should have as little influence on the foot as possible. For a growing foot the only reason why a shoe should be considered in the first place is to protect it from hard surfaces. So what then should be considered when choosing the correct footwear for a child? Simply look at the standards Shooshoos set when designing their footwear.

Firstly, the leather chosen is selected from the best eco nappa available . It allows the foot to breath and most importantly, unlike synthetic or man made materials it will stretch with and form to the shape of little growing feet. The pressure of continuous wear of hard, tight uppers can cause a number of painful problems. The toe box of shooshoos is also deliberately wide and deep enough to ensure that there is as little pressure on the feet as possible. The outer sole is lightweight and also completely flexible. The worst feature of most shoes is exactly the opposite. Do this simple test – stand on one foot, slowly lean your torso forwards while at the same time extending the non-weight bearing leg backwards, then feel how all the muscles in your foot contract and relax in order to maintain your balance. This is what happens in a growing foot when a child is learning to walk or maintain good balance. A rigid soled shoe would simply not allow this to happen and would therefore would prejudice the natural development of a child’s foot.

As a father to a nine month old son, you can be assured he will wear only one brand, Shooshoos.