What size should I order in the baby shoes?

Please download our sizing chart in PDF and print it out for the best sizing match.


  • Please check that this page is printing correctly. Printer options should be set to “none”and the ruler in the centre of this page, must match your ruler.
  • Place your child’s heel on the line at the bottom of the chart. Draw a line across that touches their longest toe.
  • Before you choose your size, allow 1/8th to 1/3rd of an inch (1/2 to 1 cm) for growth room.
  • If your child wears a thick sock, please also take this into consideration.

You can download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat here.



Measuring tips

  • All you need is a ruler, a pen and a piece of paper.
  • Place the paper on the ground and stand on it with your weight slightly forward to make sure your foot is flat.
  • Draw a line behind your heel and another line in front of your longest toe. Don’t worry, it’s common to have one foot longer than the other, so use the longer foot to measure.
  • Measure the distance between lines in centimetres.
  • Find your measurement on the size chart below to figure out the best fit. Round up if your size falls in between.
Size Chart

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